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I voted truth, because it can be possible to see a girl and instantly have feelings for them.

It's just whether or not those feelings are reciprocated which makes me sceptical.
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Maybe infatuation at first sight which, upon later developing into "love" would be looked back upon with rose colored glasses as "love at first sight."

To determine if an instantaneous onset of love is possible we would first have to define and quantify the state of being in love, which is impossible since emotions are subjective. As we cannot determine the condition of someone's love-state, we cannot, therefore, determine how rapidly the emotion takes hold. So the entire point is moot, really.

We can and do define a lot of subjective states. To say you can't determine if someone is instantly in love makes as much sense as saying you can't determine if someone is instantly angry.

And, of course, people can self report anyway (which is what some people in this thread are doing) so that it's a subjective state really makes little difference to how easy it is to determine what state someone is in.

I mean, I think love is a a concept taken in completely unrealistic directions by a lot of people, and indeed think someone thinking that they're in love isn't any definite indicator of any meaningful state, but that's it's a subjective emotion doesn't really have any great bearing on whether people can be in love or not.
No to love at first sight, love takes time. However, you can be infatuated with someone at first sight. Some people can't determine the difference between true love and infatuation.
I see falling in love at first sight a bit shallow. How do you know what someones personality is like?
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I believe people can 'feel' in love, but don't believe love exists in a way that would make 'love at first sight' usually possible beyond a superficial infatuation. Same way there is no 'one'.

Also, I figure anyone who can feel an intense emotion like 'love' instantly is probably a bit unstable.

Incidentally, HIMYM is on in the background and if he goes on about the 'universe' getting him the 'right girl' again, my head might fall from all the head-shaking.

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