I have been singing for a while now but only recently have I been taken it seriously and started to work a lot more than when I singed just for the lulz.

I have a sample from the first verse of the song Lucky Now by Ryan Adams. I think it sound pretty good but I want to hear as many opinions as I can on my voice and singing.

Here's the link: https://www.box.com/s/dnwns1gt232r7j3cyb1j

Fixed the link

Thank you!
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The issue for me isn't the lisp, it's the overall breathiness of it. It feel like maybe you don't have confidence in your tone, so you're compensating by being breathy, and it's a poor choice.

So the number one thing I'd work of for you is a full, solid round, "chest" tone. Get that down. Then when you decide to go breathy for effect it'll feel more full, rather than sort of wispy and weak.
That may be correct, I think it sounds weird when I sing in full tone, maybe I'm being too self-concious? I will record another sample soon where I sing with a full tone and see how people think about it.
Well, when you sing with a full, round, tone it's harder to hide. If there's a problem with your technique, it'll be obvious.

There isn't a shortcut to actually doing the work to improve your technique.
That's a really good point, I will certainly take that into account when I sing and practice technique.
I agree with you that it sounds nasally. I do think that's the sort of thing that a good teacher could help you clean up really easily.