Hey, guys. Long time, no talk.

At the moment, I've got an ENGL E530 preamp. It sounds amazing and all, but I want to be able to switch channels and effects with a midi switch. I was looking at the Eleven Rack by DigiDesign. The problem is, I would sell my ENGL to be able to fund the Eleven Rack. Therefore, I must choose, and I hate choosing on stuff like this without trying everything out.

If I sell my ENGL and get an Eleven Rack, obviously, I won't have to worry about tubes anymore, but the problem with that is...Well, I won't have tubes anymore. I'll have much more versatility, but until I can afford a MIDI switcher, I'll be limited to 2 channels versus 4 on my ENGL.

I own a Schecter Omen-8 with DiMarzio DiActivator pickups and I'm running my ENGL straight into a general speaker system using the Frequency Compensated Output.

I play a LOT of metal. Specifically, (almost) anything -core and a lot of djent. I can't get a really good djent-y sound out of my ENGL if it's just the guitar and amp, which I don't like, but I can get virtually any other sound imaginable with it.

So, UG, do I sell my ENGL and get an Eleven Rack, or do I just keep it? My biggest fear is that I'll regret selling my ENGL...
Keep it. You don't want any regrets, believe me. I'm notable for going through gear like clockwork...and I regret selling my Engl e530.

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Yeah I was going to mention, a power amp and proper speakers will definitely improve the sound, if you are just a bedroom jammer, I would say the 11rack is more suitable
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