0k. Basically, I have the notoriously noisy Peavey 6505. It delivers exactly the tone I want, but with one unbelievably discomforting condition.... the NOISE!!

So, I looked into all sorts of solutions, and concluded that for me, a BOSS NS2 was my best option, so I could parallel gate it. Once before the preamp, and once in the FX loop. But, having just splashed a load of my hard-earned cash on a new cab (in my signature), I now have no funds to purchase such a wondrous device.

Which left me back at square one. Then I realized I had a Behringer Shark FBQ100 sat in my room, that I had never really found viable use for. looking through the blurb on the box, it states its features as:

Single Channel Feedback Destroyer,
Microphone Preamp,
Delay Line,
Noise Gate,
and Compressor.

I thought my boat truly had come in. Later inspection of the manual informs me that it has 60KΩ balanced and 30KΩ unbalanced inputs, and 60Ω balanced and 30Ω unbalanced outputs. This posed a question, that without proper consideration, could become an issue, to me.

Ultimate Guitar seemed like the best place to come, and so I ask of you all:

Will I be able to use the Shark PROPERLY in my signal chain, or will the impedance measurements be a cause for concern?

Thanks in advance for all your help, if this works, it could save me a lot of time and money!!

cheers UG guys
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try it and see, diff companys FX loops all work diffrently with diffrent pedals.
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You'll have to use your ears on this one. Try it in front first of all and see if it sucks tone. If you notice little to no alteration in sound I would use it there.

What about using less gain? Or less preamp gain and more power amp gain?
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It won't hurt to just try it.

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