Here is another mix I made if anyone is interested. Overall it has a similar music style as the last one, so I sort of dubbed it a "sequel." And so it concludes my conceptual metal radio. This is all just for fun so enjoy! Went a little more obscure this time...

Demoniac* - Intro (intro)
Demoniac - Coming Again
Childhood's End - (You Better) Run for Tomorrow
Talisphere - Prevention
Oracle - Nightmares
Warlord - Soliloquy
Omega - Shadows of the Past
Scald - A Tumulus**


*not the herman li black metal demoniac, so don't get turned off
**on my preliminary test listen my 8 tracks skipped and froze on the last track. I refreshed the page and it was ok, but if this happens to you let me know.