If you're into Anberlin, Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, The Story So Far, or other bands like those, then I'd take a listen to this song, it's our newest and we're pretty happy with it. Let me know what you think!

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Here's the youtube link to a lyrics video:
I really liked the song and I liked your page!

However, sometimes I felt like the lyrics could be better e.g. "You say that all your time was wasted" (1:50)

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Didn't like this song at first but a few listens later I quite like it . Best part to me is at 1:00 with the guitar only and then the song coming in. I am not a fan of the vocals and lyrics in the song, the lyrics are just pretty dull. The vocals surprised me at first, they are pretty deep compared to what I have heard from similar bands. The pronunciation is a bit weird at times, sounds as though the singers first language isn't english. The vocal melodies didn't do much for me tbh. The production sounds polished but the instruments kinda blend together and aren't as distinguishable as I would like. But overall an okay song
Thanks to everyone but Crab. Crab, your post is contradicting throughout. Reword/phrase it or something because your post makes very little sense.