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Not good news to wake up to.. Quite disturbing. It sounds a lot like what happened at The Station fire, the band was using pyrotechnics and acoustic insulation caught on fire and there was no emergency exit so everyone got trapped inside.
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Brazilian blaze? Clearly wasn't a bush-fire.
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Yeah, when I first read I was like "ah that's unfortunate, still fires happen I guess!", then I read TWO HUNDRED AND ****ING THIRTY TWO DEAD.

**** ME that's quite an incident.
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Brazilian blaze? Clearly wasn't a bush-fire.

Am I allowed to giggle at this yet? How long do I have to wait?
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Reminds me of that infamous Great White concert :\

You mean the one where a washed-up eighties hair band plays crappy songs. Oh sorry, that's every one.

But seriously, when will bands learn that pyrotechnics+club=bad shit goin' down.
Holy shit, man! How did the venue get away with not having the fire exit easy to get through?

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But seriously, when will bands learn that pyrotechnics+club=bad shit goin' down.

Well, problem is, they've all seen this music video and assumed that pyrotechnics in clubs was cool (fire is always cool) and a good idea (yeah, not in clubs it's not).
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horrible way to go

unless they were just tripping balls
that would make it slightly easier

still horrible though
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Holy shit, man! How did the venue get away with not having the fire exit easy to get through?

Because it's Brazil? Maybe their fire hazard laws aren't as well enforced or written
My God, it's full of stars!
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Because it's Brazil? Maybe their fire hazard laws aren't as well enforced or written

Or written on very fine paper and soaked in kerosene.
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Who wakes up at 19:55?

I live in Hawaii, it's only 10 AM here right now.
The band shot off a flare and pointed it toward the ceiling, which caught fire.

A flare? In a nightclub.

I wonder what happened to the band or if they got out. Probably not.
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happend a similar thing in gothenbourg ten years ago. its a cruel cruel world....
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Some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground .
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Jesus that's ****in brutal...

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We had a fire in a disco here in Gothenburg Sweden now, what is it 10+ years ago or so?

82 dead or so. Scary stuff.

This story is horrible.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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Sad... Truly sad.
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sucks to suck
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Jesus Titty Bang. Two hundred and thirty two?
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Man :/
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What happened to Snake?




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That's awful

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200 people tripping on pills trapped in a small room. they probably all fried. You get super dehydrated on e. And if they were on LSD there's no way thed be able to find their way out. But 200 is insane they all just died withing five minutes i assume.
Yeah, I was quite shocked to see this. Read something about the bouncers not allowing some people to leave because they haven't paid for drinks.
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People who use pyrotechnics at shows are massive ******s.
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How the **** can people be so stupid ? My god. Pyrotechnics at an INDOOR show. IN.****ING.DOOR. The owner of the nightclub + the band + the event organizer should be held FULLY responsible. This isn't an accident. This is negligence.
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