I'm wanting to change the pickups on my guitar to some DiMarzios with 4 conductor wiring method. Currently have 2 humbuckers with a 3-way toggle switch, 1 volume and 1 tone. I'm gonna be drilling holes to allow me to have a second volume control, and also a mini-toggle switch for coil tapping, as push-pull pots don't appeal to me.

Confusion here, is that I don't know what type of toggle switch to get for coil tapping. I know that I want it to coil tap both pickups at the same time, rather than have a separate one for each pickup, but I see things like DPDT or SPDT and on-off-on, on-on or on-on-on and also 4 pole 4PDT. All I know is that I want a 2 position switch with humbucking mode on one side, and single coils/coil splitted mode on the other side.

Any help is much appreciated, cheers
all you need is a DPDT switch.
4pdt would work, but you'd have an unnecessarily big switch and only use half of it.

on-on, on-off-on, and on-on-on descriptions don't tell you how many poles the switch has, but just tells you the physical function
so you'll want an on-on, as the other two types have three positions
Can anyone find me a wiring diagram on how to wire a DPDT on/on switch to coil split both humbuckers at same time, with 2 volumes and 1 tone shown too? Had no luck with seymour duncan and dimarzio websites, as I'm finding different wiring diagrams from google searches and way confused
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Thanks LeviMan. That is so simple. Am I allowed to delete mine? I would hate for someone to accidentally find it and somehow not see yours.
Haha sure I don't care! Thanks man. Another thing to mention should be that this will tap to the more neck most positions. If you want to tap one or the other pickups to the other coil, switch the lug that goes to ground to one that goes to that pickup's hot. I personally would always go to the more neckmost coil.
Cheers for replies and wiring diagram guys, last bit of confusion would be whether the top 2 slots from there would be the 2 closer to the switch itself, or further away from the switch? If that makes sense haha