I'm trying to decide what would be best for rock/metal drop D Marshall dsl 40c or Blackstar ht-5. I dont have any shops near me so I cant try them out.Which would be better for my needs? Also this is only for bedroom use, but I just just want the better sounding option
Exactly what are you going to be playing? Bands etc..
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I haven't tried the blackstar, but I have played the marshall.

I wasent impressed with the marshall at all. I thought that it sounded super fizzy.

You should look at Jet City amps. They have a killer overdrive tone, and can get pretty heavy. Not the greatest cleans, but I would say they are compariable to a Marshall's.

I have the JCA50H, and I'm super impressed so far, especially since I only paid like $600 new for the head. I play in a pop/punk/rock band (see sig), and this amp works great! I usually only take the gain to like 3 or 4 out of 10. Like I said, this thing can get pretty brutal; but if you dial back the gain, like I do, you can get a killer rock/blues tone out of it as well.

Like I said, the cleans def got nothing on a vox or fender, but hey, it's not a vox or a fender We got a couple of originals that use a lot of clean, with delay, and this amp works! It also takes pedals well

If you follow the link in my sig to my bands facebook page, and listen to the song "Two Sides", I used 2 JCA's running together to get that tone (JCA20H cranked into a Mesa 212, and the JCA50H cranked up on the clean channel). It might help you

EDIT: I thought I would ad that Zacky Vengance, from AX7 now uses the 100watt Jet City (JCA100H) as his main amp. His is apparently completely stock, including the stock tubes
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