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I've been looking for new songs to learn in Drop C tuning. I currently know only Killswitch Engage and Children of Bodom and I was hoping you guys could give me more songs from some bands that are in Drop C.

Any ideas?
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"Spookshow Baby" by Rob Zombie I know is in drop c. It's a fun song to play
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I know August Burns Red and Texas in July are both all in drop C. Pretty much all of those bands in that genre are in drop C.
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Some Atryu. Becoming the bull is fun to play. So is shamefull and all of the "A deathgrip on yesterday" album.
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Disturbed have some drop C songs and I think In Flames do too. Those are the ones I could think of outside CoB which you already mentioned.
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Pavement does a bunch of songs in the drop C manner. I don't know if they are your style or not, but the songs are fun and quite catchy.
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Dååth, I think. There should be a few complete tabs here (guitar pro, not sure which version). Just search Daath and you should find it. They're a Death/Groove Metal band with some Gypsy Jazz influences. It should definitely help with alternate picking. Also I'm pretty sure Wintersun is in Drop C. Try that too. They're a little closer to COB but have much longer tracks and more Folk influences.
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Try God Forbid
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Bands with songs in Drop C:

• 12 Stones
• 3 Doors Down
• 36 Crazyfists
• A Day To Remember
• Alter Bridge
• Anberlin
• As Blood Runs Black
• As I Lay Dying
• Asking Alexandria
• Atreyu
• August Burns Red
• Black Dahlia Murder
• Black Label Society
• Born of Osiris
• Breaking Benjamin
• Bring Me The Horizon
• Bullet For My Valentine
• Children of Bodom
• Chimaira
• Cold
• Cradle of Filth
• Darkest Hour
• Deftones
• Disturbed
• Drowning Pool
• Escape The Fate
• Five Finger Death Punch
• For Today
• From First to Last
• Godsmack
• Hatebreed
• Killswitch Engage
• Kittie
• Metallica
• Mudvayne
• Nickelback
• P.O.D.
• Rammstein
• Receiving End of Sirens
• Saosin
• Senses Fail
• Sick Puppies
• Static-X
• System of a Down
• The Damned Things
• Thrice
• Zao
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Most of the Wintersun songs are in Drop C. Try "Sons of Winter and Stars" ! A great tab is available on UG.
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There's a few Bob Dylan songs with the drop c tuning. I can find them if you're interested.