So my buddy has a cheap bullet strat, that is basically stripped of its electronics, but he has all the parts. I want to try to put it together just to see if I can. I do have all the equipment needed, soldering gun etc.
But my question is one of the pickups was ripped from the connecting wire, how do I connect the wire back onto it?
Remove the tape, set the wire, wrap the tape back?
Or do I have to solder it to the pickup?
What connecting wire? Where did it break? You're definitely going to have to solder it back on, but depending on where it broke you might be in for a world of hurt.

Pictures would be very helpful.
Yeah, you'll need to remove the tape that is around the pickup and solder that wire back to the end of the coil. This is pretty tricky stuff and considering the value of a Bullet's stock pickups and the cost of a new cheap single coil pickup, I would not say it is worth the hassle. I would just buy a new generic single coil from a site like Axesrus or GuitarFetish, or even a random second hand one on eBay.
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