Hey guys,

Well I have this problem with my Crate V18. It started as a rattle that I thought was maybe coil rub, but it wasn't. I changed the tubes thinking it was tube rattle, and it worked fine for a day or so, and when I powered it on again at first I got no sound, then smoke from the EL84 sockets. Now when I turn on the amp, the led lights up fine, but when I click the standby to on the LED strobes and I get a pop everytime it strobes accompanied by this pleasant acrid burning electronics smell. I opened her up and found nothing visibly burned. I am out of ideas, any ideas here?
Happened to mine a few years back. I turned it on without the speaker plugged in accidentally just after changing the tubes. Same problem, when I turned it off standby, it the LED strobes and shortly followed by a burning smell.

I took mine to a tech, turns out I shorted a few solder joints. Cost me 50 bucks to fix it.
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Awesome info man! Sure enough I looked at the chassis one more time and there is a tiny burn on one of the solder joints right where the tube socket was smoking. I will jump on this later and hopefully have it running by dinner! Thanks again!