I recently bought a new Epiphone Nighthawk reissue. Originally I was looking at an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, but after playing both, the Nighthawk just felt better.

I'm happy with the guitar as-is, but had an idea for modifying it so that it would be possible to use both the neck mini-humbucker and the bridge humbucker together, like you can with a Les Paul.

I figured this would be the best way to do it, but am not even sure if it would be possible:

  • Add a 2-way toggle switch, which would essentially switch between "Nighthawk" and "Les Paul" modes for the 5-way pickup selector.

  • In "Nighthawk" mode, the 5-way selector would work exactly as it does now.

    Position 1: Neck mini-humbucker
    Position 2: Neck mini-humbucker / Middle single-coil
    Position 3: Middle single-coil
    Position 4: Middle single-coil / Bridge humbucker
    Position 5: Bridge humbucker

  • In "Les Paul" mode, the 5-way selector would work as follows:

    Position 1: Neck mini-humbucker
    Position 2: (nothing)
    Position 3: Neck mini-humbucker / Bridge humbucker
    Position 4: (nothing)
    Position 5: Bridge humbucker

  • (Optional) Replace the volume pot with a push-pull pot like the tone knob. On a Nighthawk, pulling out the tone knob splits both humbuckers into single-coil mode. Having the one knob control both humbuckers works fine, since with a stock Nighthawk you can't run the two humbuckers together.

    But this would limit you in "Les Paul" mode, since you would only be able to use the two humbuckers both in humbucking mode, or both in single-coil mode -- you would not be able to run with the neck mini-humbucker split and the bridge humbucker not split, or vice-versa. I would like to have it so pulling out the volume knob will only split the neck mini-humbucker, and pulling out the tone knob will only split the bridge humbucker.

Is something like this even possible, or am I just dreaming?
Start drawing out the circuits and you will soon discover what does and doesnt work. Schematics are a mechanical device and do not lie. The only people who can answer your question are those who have actually done exactly what you want. Part of the problem with expressing the need in language is that it isnt always 100% clear. If you can draw the schematic, you wont need to ask if it works or not. Of course if you can't finish the drawing, you have to resort to regular language to get the help to finish it, but the part you have drawn will probably express accurately more than you can in language. Take my language for example. Does it make any sense? ;-) I should have drawn pictures.