It's in near-mint condition. There is one rip in the tolex, it's 1.5mm in diameter near the bottom of the front face of the head. It is in no way going to get bigger or ruin the aesthetic value of this magnificent amp.

MG412A cab. The 4x12 cab had a white mark, on the side, but I removed it with a damp paper towel. Other than that, it's near-perfect. No wheels though.

All the buttons and switches on the head work fine, I've tested them all. The head has built-in FX that you can disable and enable with the footswitch (included) and a FX loop. It also has direct line out and line in. It's loud enough to fill a 900 person stadium on "4" volume, and it can go below bedroom levels on the ".5" volume setting. The head is 100 watts.

I'm asking $500 for both the head and the cab. For the sale of each individual part, we can negotiate. Again, the head is 100 watts, and the cab is a MG412A, 4x12.

I will need to know of your location and a meeting place if you want to buy
My location is Maryland in Montgomery County and contact me at ch1ng_chung@yahoo.com if you want to haggle

All things such as "your price sucks!" or "pics please" go in this THREAD, not my yahoo