I was thinking of purchasing an Epiphone Dot as Ive always wanted an es335 but 5k for a Gibson one is just way too pricey.

My questions though are

1. Whats your opinion /experience with it
2. Does being semi-hollow affect the tone someway?
3. Opinion on the pickups?

Now since this'll be my first humbucker guitar, I'm hoping this epi has the classic wam sound great for jazz and rock and roll!

I have nonprevious experiene with Epiphone

Yep I have had one, great guitar for the money, don't expect a 5k Gibson from it but do expect more than it cost.

1. Loved it, but sold due to change of music genre.

2. yes it changes it, kinda warmer

3. Pickups were ok, but nothing to write home about.
The Dot is a perfectly fine guitar. My buddy has one, and loves it. The pickups are nothing special, as the other person said, but can be changed out.

Also look at the Sheraton, which is a bit more money, but has slightly nicer fittings.
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I would check the soundblock via the F-holes. I say this in every Dot thread, but I bought mine over the phone from Long and Mcquade (Canada) and there was a knot in the soundblock. I don't know how/if it would have affected the sound, but I just didn't want a hole in my guitar.

There are also other options like the Epi Sheraton II, Ibanez AS73/93/103 (depending on budget), possibly a used Hagstrom Viking (II), if you don't like the Dot. All ES-335 like.
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the Dots are great, but check out the Epi ES335 Pro. GREAT guitar for the price point
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They're nice guitars for the money. My only real gripes are that the bridges are poorly made and the pickups sound muddy.
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Quote by fastlanestoner
the Dots are great, but check out the Epi ES335 Pro. GREAT guitar for the price point

Isn't the pro the one with coil-tapping?
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Yes. The ES335 Epiphone has coil-tapping and a few other mods that distinguish it over the standard model.
You can get a new Gibson ES-335 for as little as $2200, which is admittedly still a lot more than the Epiphone, but less than half of $5K.

I sat down one day at GC and did a comparison for over an hour with the Epi dot, the Epi Casino, and the Gibson 335 Trad Pro (with P90 pickups). The reason the comparison took so long was that the Gibson sounded and felt a LOT better, but cost 4 times as much! Finally I decided to go with the Gibson, and I'm glad I did. I feel spoiled every time I play.

Was the Gibson ES-335 realy 4 times better? I mean I can get a used Dot, replace the electronics, hardware and pickups and be right around $700. Was the difference in quality really that big?