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Hey guys

I am interested ina Tremolo pedal for my set up. I am playing an Epiphone SheratonII though a Fender Hot Rod III. I also have a wah, Big Muff, Boss DD-3 and Boss CH-3 on my board.

Budget: Perferable below $150
Sound: I play a lot of folk/folk rock: Grey Kingdom, City and Colour, Ben Howard, Craig Cardiff

I was looking at the Boss tremelo, but anyone have any other suggestions?
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Hardwire Tremolo/Rotary TR7 pedal
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BYOC has the plans for a Tremolo pedal that has a volume control on it. I haven't built one, but I did buy one that someone built, and it is actually fantastic! The volume can actually act as a clean boost past 12 o'clock, or a blend knob before it. Find some youtube videos.

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although i am not planning on picking one up i've been watching a lot of voodoo lab demos and they have a tremelo pedal that sounds pretty good.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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lovepedal babyface?

VERY good quality, noiseless, clickless switching (very nice, wish all pedals did this), small footprint, quality tone.

1 drawback. the depth is a set and forget internal knob. for me thats fine, i have an idea of what i want my trem to sound like and then the knob is for speed. i cant have it pulse or go slow, but how prominent the effect sits in the mix of your tone if the set and forget part.

for me its a non issue. 3 trem forms (same as the boss as wave types i believe).

The boss is a solid option.

1 KEY thing - a trem will have a slight volume loss. that is inherent of how trems work. some good ones have a gain adjustment to keep it even (the lovepedal does!).

as much as i tinkered with the boss, i kept the depth the same and just adjusted speed. so really i dont mind depth. if you want to go all crazy, perhaps the lovepedal isnt for you.
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