Hi there, Im an acoustic guitarist, owning a Yamaha FG720s which I keep in D standard for singing purposes, but I believe it's bringing me big problems with intonation - it didnt sound so bad when I was in standard.

Main problems:

- B string sounds perfectly in tune when I play a first position G chord (with my ring finger on the 3rd fret) or any other fretted note, but when I play an open E maj chord for example, it sounds pretty flat.

- Power chords sound pretty wrong, especially on the E and A strings. Im pretty sure accidental bending due to the slackness of the strings has a lot do with this.

Otherwise, the guitar is great and I don't want to part with it for a newer better one just yet, just need some help with how I can over come this problem. Tuning back to standard isnt an option because so much of my repetoire relies on D standard.

Im pretty new to this area, so easy on the patronising

Thanks a lot!
It MAY help to go up to thicker strings in order to compensate for the much lower tension of D standard tuning.

Aside from that, the other way to change intonation is to start filing away at the saddle. But there's definitely a certain extent to how much you can change the intonation this way as well.

Also, be mindful about how you're fretting. Because you've lowered the tension of the strings, when you fret improperly or with too much pressure, it will pull the strings sharp very easily.
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