Transit after hours always seems a bit of a nightmare
for example,
Sunday I was sitting next to a mother of 3
burning smoke signals off my tongue
and when she finally noticed
all I got was a cough and a
"...do you mind?"

But then around midday it picks up,
like on Wednesday,
I was standing and she was sitting
and I'm not sure why
but I was quite sure I'd known her all my life;
I memorized her cheekbones
and only when she got off did I realize
I'd been staring.

The only time I really ever got anything out of it
was around 6am
that one Saturday,
I hadn't slept and was reading the paper
well, not so much reading as looking at, and
I stopped to ask the singular passenger
"what if where I'm going isn't really the home
I think it is?"
and without a beat passing she replied
"then why on earth are you going?"