Looking to get a new pair.

I was looking to get the SEnnheiser HD598 as they look nice and classy, but not sure if they were right for what I need them for.

I plan on getting either a POD HD 300 or an Eleven Rack for my apartment situation and need a good quality pair of headphones to go with in.

The style I play is classic rock to hard rock/Thrash(metallica mainly)

Looking to spend about $200 on a really good set.

I have that headset, they sound amazing for pretty much every style. Be aware that they bleed a lot of sound though.
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I've got a pair of AKG K271 MK2 Studio, and they are excellent.
They are the most comfortable headphones I've used...I can have them on for hours on end without the slighest discomfort.
They are a little bit heavy on the bass side though, so if you're looking for a very flat sound, they're not the ones for you.
I use them mainly for drumming (e-kit) nowadays, but I used them with my now dust-collecting Pod HD500 and they were great for that.

I also got a pair of AKG K140 (I think anyway..) and they are about as good, they're not covered though, so they bleed quite a bit of sound.
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If isolation is not an issue, (ie you have no roommate that gets bothered) then try Alessandro headphones. Made by Grado labs to Alessandros design. Very neutral sound. I owned MS-1 model for quite some time, worth every penny.

If you have a roommate, then open headphones are not an option. You need closed ones. Unfortunately my experience with them is low. Only one I own is Ultrasone Proline 750 (aka Pro750 nowadays), and thats beyond your price range. It also has quite strong bass so you might not like it.

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