I got a cheap 'platform' guitar that I'm modding. Its a strat copy by Academy. I want to replace some single coil pickups with hummies, but cant decide which configuration would be best. I'm slightly leaning towards HSH. Your votes will count as much as my son's votes.
Further info: I'm going to do a Brian May type wiring with some kind of series/parallel switch (http://treblebooster.com/brian_may_pickup_mod.htm), and I already scalloped the neck. Oh, I also have an effects board to put in, QDD2 from ArtecSound, and am also open to the idea of a varitone.
No plans yet for visual effects.
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Honestly I like HSH or even HH the most.
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HH or, if you're feeling adventurous, try a pair of P-90 pickups. They're sort of an in-between sound, some of the crunch of humbuckers but with some of the brightness of single coils. Absolutely love the duall P-90 setup on my strat copy, but to each his own.
HSH with split coils is the most versatile IMO

edit also the picking can be weird with a H in the middle, an S you don't notice there
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HHH, six coils to work with. Want full versatility? Use Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups.
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More switches! one for each pickup, sort of a Brian May wiring, and a second phase switch. Either humbucker can be out of phase. Plus one of the tone knobs is now a 4 position varitone. I'm not sure what the total number of combinations is. 7 pickup combinations, plus 6 affected by coil split = 13, 4 affected by 2 differnt phases. is that 13 times 8? Times 4 for the different capcitors? http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/RebuildIt/pictures/gear/1166124/1166125
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