I'm not sure if these is in the right forum so let me know if it is the wrong one.

I have an acoustic breedlove guitar with a built in pick up. The guitar jack has been loose and sliding out very far, not sure why this started happening. Lately it's gotten worse and the guitar has been crackling and feeding back when I plug it in.

Does anyone know what the problem is and how to go about repairing the guitar?
Will I be able to repair myself or will I need to bring it to a shop?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
So then your jacks are falling out easily? Or is the female that is built into the body loose?
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If you're saying that your lead falls out easily then the jack input could do with being bent back into proper shape. Bend one of these bit in the direction of the arrows. Although a replacement would be ideal.

hmm.., ya I'm not sure, the jacks not actually falling out but it slides on the way out and then stops if that makes sense.
So you can jiggle the female part of the two plugs as shown above? Or is the Male plug falling out of the female? If it's the latter then you'll want to do as whoomit says, if it's the former then you'll want to tighten the little nut on the end of the threads.
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