Here's an update on a song I posted a while ago. I've added a bit of a lead guitar line, and livened up the sound. I bought a few new guitars a while back and finally got around to doing a sound test. Switching from humbuckers to P-90's required me to tweak my guitar tone quite a bit, far less gain and processing than I'm used to. The sound is a bit softer nowNew bass guitar too, switch from humbuckers to J-Bass style pups, some tone change there as well.


PS. I wasn't sure whether this belonged in the Guitar Gear thread, forgive me if it did
I'm a listenin' and I'm a likin'!

Intro rules...

0:26 - 0:50 - I hear a melody and lyrics here, big times!

0:50 - good timing for change of pace

I'm hearing a blazing tremolo lead from the 1:30 or so until the break at 2:12

2:23 - Like the relaunch - nice guitar sounds - I loves P90's!

Nice work, like your sound. You got the bones, the song needs the trim pieces now...I'll be following you.

Would appreciate your knowledgeable opinion on one of my afterbirths...


Keep recording!

Crushing intro riff. Gives me a Foo Fighters vibe. Great stuff! It's kinda difficult to hear the bass. It kinda gets lost in the mix... THe guitar sounds really good. How many of them are there? The drums are tight. Midi? If they're midi they're great sounding midi if not. Then great studio technique for recording and great drummer! I like. I kinda wish there was vocals though. Overall really really good start. just needs the finishing vocals!

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1585633

Thanks, Kevin
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