I have an 8' x 4' table sitting in my dining room, all boring and white. I haven't had the motivation to paint it with something interesting, so I'm hoping the Pit will inspire me with its creative geniuses. So Pit, get with the inspiring already.

MS Paint demonstrations are highly encouraged.

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Stay classy, pit.
I started a paint drawing, but then I realized I'm colorblind. Truth hurts

Paint it like that.
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Paint a picture of Het' on it. And paint "LuLu" on the legs in drippy dried blood red.
Just start making some streaks and create your own ideas. If you screw up then just paint over it.
Blood splatter would be kind of cool. Make it look like you butchered someone/something on the table.
Why has no one suggested dicks yet?
I'm gonna suffer for the rest of my life

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Write "I AM THE TABLE" on it in huge letters

EDIT: also, I have always wanted to paint an object by shooting it with a paintball gun in various colors
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I started a paint drawing, but then I realized I'm colorblind. Truth hurts

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dude you should draw a dick. like a purple dick.

and then write haha on it so when people walk in adn say haha its a penis, your table can be like haha, i know.
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Give us each a section of the able and we'll draw, dammit!

You mean, give everyone a square foot, take the 32 best drawings, and make a killer collage?

m8 you want something that looks like this

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You mean, give everyone a square foot, take the 32 best drawings, and make a killer collage?

Actually, this would be pretty badass as long as there's some decent pics.
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or better yet, kill two birds with one stone:

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Why has no one suggested dicks yet?

Because not all of us are dicks.
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Because **** reading.
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Paint a different style of table on it. Or The Knight of The Round Table looking all confused. Or plates and cutlery.