Hey guys, new to electric guitar, and looking to buy my first pedal. I have 40$ to Carvin Guitars, so I was looking at their pedals, specifically this one:

[forbidden link]

I looked up this pedal, and I found a few mentions of it being compatible with certain Carvin amps. I am not on a Carvin amp, (Behringer) so I do not know if this will work. I can't find anything saying that it WON'T either. Any help/advice from people who know Carvin products would be great.


Edit: link was forbidden for some reason so... the pedal is the FS44L-V3M
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That's not an effects pedal, it's just a footswitch for a Carvin amp.
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Quote by Cathbard
That's not an effects pedal, it's just a footswitch for a Carvin amp.

Yes, the main difference:

Footswitch - changes the amps channels from clean to overdriven/lead
You usually plug your guitar straight into the amp & the footswitch into another jack-in on the amp

Effects - Add distortion, reverb, delay, wah /whatever to your sound
You usually plug your guitar into the effects pedal, then run another cable from that into the amp.

Only some footswitches work with certain amps. All effects pedals (as far as I know) work with any guitar/amp.
Yes, thats what I thought and why I was confused... So are there any effects pedals on Carvin's website? Because I searched and searched and the footswitches are all I found, and I would really like to buy my pedal there because I have 40$ credit.