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anthony kiedis, lou reed, ect...

you'd have more trouble finding a famous musician who hasn't done drugs.
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Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) might be an interesting one. There's plenty of footage out there too of him just ****ing plastered on stage, the rest of the band just left him there a few times.

The only downside is nobody knows who the **** Ween is. :/
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Filipino Asshelmo

Yes, Phil Anselmo.

I realize this is a long video, but it may be exactly what you are looking for.
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Pretty much any bebop musician minus a few. Charlie Parker and Art Pepper are good ones.
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Dave Mustaine. Read his biography to find out why he started drugs, look at the news articles of him on UG to see their effect.
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Instead of just writing about Slash, why not just do the entire Guns N' Roses original lineup.

Izzy: Did drugs but quit in 1989(?)
Duff: Drank excessive amounts of alcohol to reduce panic attacks and caused his pancreas to explode. Sober now. Even has his own book, and a few interviews/documentarys on youtube.
Slash: Did drugs because everyone around him did pretty much and he just joined the bandwagon for fun. He talks about his friend dying in his arms on heroin in his book and his own near death (well death but revival) experience.
Adler: Got kicked because of the drugs. Went to rehab tons. Don't even know if hes clean or not.
Axl: Not sure on. Don't think he took it to as much excess as the others did.
I remember doing Jimi Hendrix in my primary school (elementary if you're American), and I just looked him up on a biography website and its pretty interesting. That or Keith Richards
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Nikki Sixx: he has done every drug ever and has died of an overdose from each one.
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Isn't it more interesting to pick a musician who's written nice music?
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Charlie Parker - Spent his entire adult life on heroin, often had to busk or sell his saxophones to buy more
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