I've been looking at a small/cheap amp that I can take with me to band practice by bus.

I play (pop) punk in the ways of YouMeAtSix, All time Low, fall out boy and Sum 41.

I don't really need the clean channel as I could just use my volume knob.

In the rehearsel room is a marshall MG and i really hate the sound, would the micro terror suite my needs and is it better than the MG?

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Well I haven't tried the combo (which I assume you mean) the head wasn't great for the money.

I know YM@6 use Vox AC30's & you could probably get a AC15 for the same price as the Orange.

If you can, have a go on the Hayden Mofo 15 Combo - Truely lovely amps (part of Ashdown)
Well I picked one up one of the heads on Saturday and I have been playing it through a celestion greenback 12" speaker disconnected from my combo amp.

This amp is plenty loud and will suit the genres you're playing. I can't say much about the combo if that's what you're talking about but it will be a lot better than the Marshall MG.
tiny terror or dual terror would be a lot better for you.
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I'm talking about just the head as I can just hook it up to the cabs that already there.

the tiny terror and vox ac15 are around 500€ which is 4x as much as the micro terror which is €120

-Schecter Tempest Custom
-Ibanez EW20WNE-NT
-Digitech Bad Monkey
-Boss TU-3
-Boss NS-2
-ibanez PM7
seems like it would be garbage for $150 new.
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