Okay, a couple of questions

Soon I am going to buy a whole bunch of guitar strings to try out so I can find which one I like the best.


1.) What are some good brands to try out? I don't want anything super expensive, but I wan't them to be good.

2.) I have no idea what gauge I wan't them. My guitar has a 25" scale, and right now I have 10-46's on it. I know thicker strings make it sound better (subjective) but I still wan't to be able to bend. So what gauge do you guys reccomend? I won't go past 13, but might go up to 12 depending.

Right know I am using D-addario's.

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Aw, not another strings thread.

Try a gauge up and a gauge down and whatever brands strike your fancy. If you love a different size gauge try going up another size in that direction.