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I surely can't be the only bloke to have gone and seen this. I was in it when I was 16, so I know the ins and outs and I still had a lump in my throat throughout. How can one film be so depressing

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Didn't care for it. If you want a tear jerker watch The Impossible. So much more emotional.
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Musicals suck
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Quote by bradulator
Musicals suck

people who like musicals suck
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people who like musicals suck

Also gay

Tangle is gay

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Everyone has that one friend that has more showtunes than not showtunes on their mp3 player
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Don't be ludicrous, lushacrous.
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that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.

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tangle is that friend (not that i would ever admit to being friends with that gayboi anyway)
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I closed your thread.
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I watch one movie max a week. There has been too much better stuff.

I might watch it Friday, as I'm not feeling Bullhead and I dont think I cba with schwarzenegger or stallone.

I like musicals but when it comes to films, I only like the classic musical films from the pre-50s though. So I've been avoiding it cause 2 1/2 hrs on something I usually don't like...

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Wreck it Ralph made me cry
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Battlestar Galactica is way better than Les Miz

...modes and scales are still useless.

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It was good but the whole damn thing was sung so I barely understood any of it.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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Also gay

Tangle is gay

welcome back wcp

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Liam Neeson version was better.
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It means "The Miserable", I think.

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Quote by WCPhils
Quote by lushacrous
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Musicals suck
people who like musicals suck

Also gay

Tangle is gay
Came here to say all of this.
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i went to go see it with a girl that scene with anne hathaway was the most uncomfortable scene you could watch with someoen you plan on having sex with

so to break the ice i whispered into her ear
"im worse"
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As a film, it was kind of awful. It seems like the director (Tom Hooper) couldn't decide on the actual form and style of how he was going to shoot it. The scene with Anne Hathaway was done in one shot and it just dragged on and on yet there were other scenes that were so choppy with different shots it just didn't seem real. The acting/singing wasn't anything to write home over and it just wouldn't freaking end.
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The movie had flaws but I enjoyed it. 8/10
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Isis is amazing
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Gonna try and watch it this weekend, probably won't though as I have shed loads of other films / TV series that I need to get watched
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I watched it, and as a fan of the musical already, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure it was perfect, but it was a thoroughly entertaining film.
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I have a lot of films to catch up on, and i have never seen the play, or been interested in seeing it, plus i heard the film is oscar bait and kind of shitty, so i will probably either never watch it, or watch it under certain circumstances.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Quote by bradulator
Musicals suck

455 75 34 88


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I haven't seen it, but from what snippets I've heard of the music it strikes me as a sort of contemporary opera that's just not appealing to me at all.

So no, I don't really want to see a music with music I won't like.
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I'm looking forward to seeing it. I've never liked Les Mis but mainly because I just don't think it works on a stage. It takes place over such a long period of time that it's hard to fit it in a theatre if you know what I mean? In a film it can be "bigger".

I also don't like it when people sing musicals straight (lol). The whole point is that the songs should be acted. I've known a few people who didn't like acting the songs because then they couldn't show off their voices, but that's not what it's about. The film looks good because they're actually acting it.

So yeah, looking forward to it even though I don't like Les Mis a great deal.
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Musical haters suck.

For example Sweeny Todd was fantastic as a musical, but the film was meh.
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I think most people's perceptions of musicals have been warped by Mamma Mia or something, Les Mis is hardly like that, they're pretty much polar opposites.

I haven't seen the film version, but I've seen the stage version and it's great. I've seen other musicals on the stage too, and enjoyed them all. The campy, silly kind of musical is a fairly small part of the whole genre.
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I liked it, but some of the editing was a bit substandard especially in the songs near the end. a few occasional end word cut off, and dodgy angles.
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Watched it last night and cried like a bitch. I'm not sure if it was as well put together as it could have been, but the performances were just fantastic. Very heavily acted singing, which made it a lot more intense, sometimes uncomfortably so, but the Sacha Baron Cohen/Helena Bonham Carter bits provided relief when it got a bit too much.
Music was badass; used to sing that stuff in choir all the time, so it got me right in the feels.

9/10. Perhaps not a Best Picture winner, but Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman have pretty strong cases for their categories.
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Could've been good. Wasn't.

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Is SpongeBob in it?
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