Like the B&W vid...

The video quality is professional looking.

1:05 - like the launch - Nice three piece sound. I like the bass. I mean the actual bass. Cool looking rig.

Nice wind down at the end

Vocals could be fatter, and unsure of the lyrics, but I'm being picky for your critique.

Overall nice effort. Good quality. Ya'll should be the band for "Game of Thrones..."

I would appreciate a listen and critique of my latest -


Cover your stump before you jump -

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Forgive me if I'm rambling nonsensically in this wall of text, I'm a bit sick and probably not making much sense! Having that been said...

This is really well produced, and the video is solid too! I'm not really sure what to single out for critique, so I'm going to be super nitpicky. In a few spots toward the beginning the vocals seem a tiny bit iffy, but the harmonies at the end are great. Also, in a few spots the vocals seem to get buried in the mix, but I am listening on my laptop right now(my good speakers aren't hooked up at the moment), so it could just be my dinky little computer speakers doing that.

I'm being really nitpicky, since I don't have access to any fantastic singers myself, but in a few spots the vocals just don't sit right with me. They aren't bad, and in some parts they're great (the harmony part towards the end in particular), but around 1:25 they just seem off. Not sure what it is. Also, can't understand what he's singing in some areas. It could just be the mixing on the vocal track, or my speakers.

The solo at 4:20ish is pretty friggin cool.

My favorite parts are the intro and outro, and a few spots could possibly use tiny touch ups, but overall it's a great song! At the very least, all the instruments are fantastic, and the singer is very close to being good other than being the tiniest bit off- but again, like I said, this is probably fixable with EQing or something (it may just be a mixing issue making it seem the tiniest bit off), he's definitely not bad, he's actually pretty good, just not quite as good as the instruments.
i've been told he's somewhat eddy vedder-ish with some of his delivery, each line starts with "is somebody gonna come" (help me, find me, hold me, drown me)
but i think that first line is kinda quiet in comparison to the rest of the verse, could be a mixing issue for sure but i would be inclined to blame his "unique" delivery