Masquerade: #19 is a Pop Punk band from Perth, Western Australia. Originally formed by Mathew Jonath as a name to record his songs under, he decided late last year to actually form it into a full and proper band. He pulled me in on bass and we are currently looking for a permanent drummer. Anyone with potential gigs in the Perth area should get in contact with Mat or myself through any of the band links in my sig, or PM me here.
We have a gig at Metro Church in Northbridge this Friday (the 8th of February). Not entirely sure when it starts but soundcheck is at 5:30. According to my BL it's also a charity gig so come and support those in need
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We're launching a new EP in less than 3 weeks!
The new EP "XOXO" will include 7 songs: XOXO, Frozen By Your Touch, What's My Name, Talk Talk, Jump Jenny, Another Habit From You, and Symptoms of a Night Alone.

To launch the new EP we will be hosting a performance at the Kalamunda Agricultural Hall on Saturday March 23rd. Tickets can be purchased through our website for $10. I'd love to see some other Perth area UGer's there!