Poll: Did you go to prom and/or your countries' equivalent?
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View poll results: Did you go to prom and/or your countries' equivalent?
65 52%
42 33%
Yes, but I hated it.
28 22%
No, but I wish I did.
12 10%
No, but I went to other school dances.
12 10%
This thread sucks.
33 26%
Voters: 126.
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I went. Me and some friends got camo suits.

I wanted to just wear a ghille suit, but the school struck that down. Two other friends did the Dumb and Dumber blue and orange suits thing. I enjoyed prom.
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Went to 2. Mine & a year later to my (then) gf's.

Mine was kinda fun because most of my friends didn't go (since they were stoner skaters who were too cool for prom), so I ended up hanging out with & partying after with some people I never thought I'd spend that kind of night with.

My ex's prom wasn't too bad either b/c I got to spend the night catching up with people.

All in all, I don't think prom is as bad as people make it out to be (especially if you have a date).
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Went to mine, which was called Cotillion, and it sucked. It was mandatory and our dates were assigned to us, i.e. we didn't pick them. It was awful, and all the really prick teachers showed up and made sure nothing, and I mean nothing, happened. Oh yeah, I had to pay for it, even though the school forced everyone to go. Gotta do it again this year for the last time. Yeah, my high school sucks.

I don't believe you.

Prom last year I pretty much sat there, not a whole lot of dancing, they had stupid 'club' music playing more than prom type music, maybe 2 slow songs the whole night, and they weren't even that slow. I also had to teach some people how to fold and put the handkerchief thing in their front pocket. Still a pretty good prom, though, planning to go again this year, same girlfriend and all.
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I didn't go and I'm very glad i didn't. I didn't like most of the people in my grade. Plus I didn't have a date, so I knew I'd end up sitting around like a loser.
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Mine was stupid. Mostly country music and I almost died from dehydration (those suits get hot while you dance yo).
went. sucked. my date didn't even want to dance with me lol, i asked her and she said she only wanted to dance with me once. and i couldn't get drunk because they had cops sitting at the door. so i just sat to myself pretty much for the entire 3 or 4 hours listening to generic country and pop tunes picked by a shitty DJ. afterprom (...yeah) was pretty lame too, did pretty much the exact same thing for another 4 hours minus the music. then as i was driving my date and a few other people home i backed into a street sign because it was 4 in the morning and i was tired as fuck.

yeah. also went again my senior year, then ended up leaving way early because i realized the same thing was probably going to happen. i don't regret it. at least i got drunk that night.
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I went to mine, as well as a friend's.

Mine was okay, the after party was fun because we had bounce house type awesome stuff but other than that it was okay at best. The girl I went with was from a different school, she was a friend since birth so it was very fun, and she's wicked gorgeous so my friends told me she was very hot. One thing that was fun about that was, although I disliked most people at my school, they played Sandstorm, aka some techno rave song. My oldest friend who went to a different school went with an acquaintance of mine, and he, a few friends and I tore through the rave pit that had formed. Most pent up annoyance I had with anyone was gone after I shoved through some jocks for a few minutes. That was fun.

The other one the girl asked me to her's, and she was a friend so I went with her. That one was fun, I started a one man 'mosh pit' during Sandstorm because I didn't know more than three people from her school, so I didn't give a damn. The girls loved it. The after party was more intimate since it was a smaller school and we played manhunt in the school and other fun games. I ended up making out with my date's incredibly attractive friend and we hung out a few times in the summer.

I don't know about anyone else, but my prom experiences were personally pretty nice, I definitely wouldn't change them.
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i went to it

it broke my heart

Tbh I thought it was ok. Just hated the fact how mediocre the thing was and regretted going because of how much money my mother had to shell out (on benefits at the time). And I looked like a nob. Hate looking back on those photos.

Overall you're not missing out on anything special.
The girl I asked out to prom said yes then said no two weeks later. Her boyfriend didn't want her to go with me. The only problem was that her boyfriend was a freshman. I ended up not going.

The best dance was the Last Chance to Dance Dance for middle school. Somebody played JFAC on a loud PA system and all the metal heads started moshing. I got punched in the face and punched some kid in the face. That dance was crazy.
I actually enjoyed my senior prom. I went with my best female friend, there was no romantic drama. There was dancing to ghetto music (which can be pretty fun once you get over the fact it's ghetto music), friends, food and good times were had.
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Went to prom senior year strictly because I got a gf in the 2 weeks leading up to prom. I wasn't really planning on going the whole year, but it wasn't terrible. I don't really like 'dances' so we tried to sneak out and take shots in my car, but we got stopped on the way. The after party was really cool though since my gf at the time was popular, so it was a pretty cool party as far as high school parties go.
I think proms are stupid.

. I went to mine both junior and senior year because my gf wanted to go.

No interest whatsoever.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

No, and I do not regret that decision one bit. But actively avoiding prom can be awkward....
I had my friend talk this guy out of asking me, before I would've had to turn him down.

Way more awkward was when I was talking to this guy I barely knew, (but it sometimes seemed like he liked me anyway) and this random girl came over and started insisting that we go to prom together. I just kept saying "I don't want to go to prom." What made it awkward was that he never said he didn't want to go, but rather just kept saying "She doesn't want to go to prom."

And more entertaining than awkward was when my "friend" that was trying to get in my pants (he's now one of my dealers, cause whatever) drunkenly offered to go to prom with me. Kind of weird, considering he didn't even want to go to prom with his girlfriend... He did go, but didn't want to at all. I turned him down as well.

I just never saw the appeal in prom. Felt like everyone I told that to that didn't know me probably thought I was a loser, but whatever. XD
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Skipped Junior year because of BtBaM concert. Btw, Tommy didn't go to his prom.

Went Senior year with friends, got a Hummer limo, ate some fancy food, danced with my friends, + some girls I was not attracted at all to but we were friends so whatever, had a great time. Didn't go to any parties tho cause they either got shut down or had people I didn't like.

Prom Side Story: My friend had borrowed like, a bunch of money from a junkie, and used it all to buy coke so he could make some bank. The "friends" he asked to sling for him ended up running off with the coke, and as a result, he was in debt to some really sketchy guy n was prob gonna get stabbed or something.

The night of prom, he gave half of the remaining coke to my other friend, and he sold it during our prom. The friend in debt snuck into this other school's prom and sold there. People were so dumb as to the actual value of coke they made most of the money back and paid back the junkie.

The end.
For me I went to my junior prom and it was ok, but i didn't go my senior year because it was so expensive, also I don't particularly like dances o that aspect wan't very appealing and I was pretty indifferent toward most of my class aside from my group of 30ish friends who I saw plenty during grad parties and random over-the-summer events.

It all depends on how much you value dances, how much you like to get all dressed up (this can be very fun if you get into the spirit), and how much you care about your classmates in the nostalgic sense. For me at graduation I was like "well there go about 180 people out of my life forever, oh well" but when we had a going away barbecue for all our close friends right before we went off to college I cried
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I've been to two- my senior prom and my ex's senior the next year. The first one was way more fun, but the second was ok too.
My school didn't have one, so a bunch of people from my year decided to organize a sort of prom instead. The theme was Ancient Greece, and we were all supposed to wear togas, and they rented a really sweet place in the middle of the city. It was a big garden with lots of trees inside an old villa and it looked amazing and it was all supposed to be based around red wine and Greek food. Unfortunately, for some reason they cancelled the reservation a couple of days before and instead rented a generic warehouse space. It was kinda fun, but not anything memorable. It just ended up being a standard party. We had a free bar which did improve it.

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proms are ****in overrated.

I've went to one every year since grade 7 and hated them all... and yet my family still makes me go.

This year was the first one where I had a date and I still hated it. Overall, in my experience, they are total bullshit.
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