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so i have an inspire android phone and its a piece of shit and the battery shield keeps falling off and i finally lost it for good and iv duct taped the battery in the phone. is this a fire hazard at all? iv got it plugged in to the charger and i dont wana catch the house on fire. but i need my phone charged to call people and places as people.

it would be duct tape nicely lined on the upper right holding the battery in which you wouldnt even be able to see in this picture even if the battery was in that phone.
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As long as you didn't buy the battery from some shady asian guy in an dark alley you should be fine.
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rip op
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If you had purchased an Apple iPhone there is no battery cover to lose and you wouldn't live your life in fear of suffering a life-threatening electric shock.
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You gonna die bro, you gonna die of duct tape electrolytis.
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What you really need is a new phone.
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Man i use to have that piece of shit phone. I know how you feel bro.
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