Definitely a guitar in there. Sounds like it might be from Omnisphere or another sample based synth because obviously the tone is so uniform.
Sounds like a guitar with some ugly distortion, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a plugin from some software-synth.
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You all realize there's definitely not just one sound going on. There would have been many layers to that, and a guitar is definitely in there. You can hear it better in the lower notes towards the end of the progression.
No way that's a synth.

And lol at everyone acting like that's some sort of otherworldly guitar tone. OD plus a slight envelope filter tone knob rolled back.
Its a sample based synth made to sound like a guitar. Must've been done in a MIDI editor/piano roll, its too ultra precise to be human, yet the harmonic interactions are still there.

There's few of those around, and the tones in Logic's shitty amp modeller sound incredibly similar to this.

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It sounds like a square lead sound with a synthesised or sampled guitar underneath (probably sampled) with processing applied.
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It is a sampled guitar sound. /thread
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Aw yeah.
Holy shit this song is awful. But yeah, I agree with the piano roll. That's just way too spot on.
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Sounds pretty much the same as some the highest gain presets on Guitar Rig 5 on my Chinese usb thing, especially with finger picking. I don't see why it has to be a synth but whatever it sounds pretty crappy to me
Real guitar, sampled. If I were to take a wild guess from where, I'd say the "Sweet Child of Mine" intro, though repitched of course.