I bought an Epiphone aj-220s about a year ago and I'm replacing the saddle on it. I bought a compensated bone saddle for it and after sanding to height and replacing, man the tone sounds fabulous.
The original saddle it had in it was not plastic. It's almost like a ceramic or tusq material.
At the time of purchase, after testing a few of the same models that were new in the box, the guitar I bought was a floor model. It sounded the best, perfect condition and very low action with no buzzing. Basically already set up.
My question is, does anyone know what the original saddle material is on the new in the box models?
Thanks. Sounds even better now that I put the bone saddle in. Notes are clearer, tone is richer. Well worth the ten dollar upgrade imo.
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Did you also replace the Nut? Cheers

No. I would love to but I'd have to take it to an expert for that. Limited funds at the moment.
I couldn't believe the change just in the saddle. I'll have the nut done at a later date.
BTW, can you get the nuts pre grooved where only the height needs sanded?
Yes no problem, just be careful getting Nut width correct. Cheers
did you change the strings when you changed the saddle?
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did you change the strings when you changed the saddle?

No. They're still fairly new so I left them on. They're still holding tune well.