So I'm in the market for a good set of headphones to use at home for practicing guitar at night. I'm in an apartment, with very thin walls, so anytime after 8 I play with headphones, cause the sound definitely travels. Currently I just have some Skullcandy earbuds that I use. They're my headphones for riding/running/snowboarding etc, so the earbuds were a must, and they sound fine for when I'm just listening to tunes while doing activities/on the go, but for playing guitar they're severely lacking. ESPECIALLY when I also play mp3 tracks to play along with. Not to mention the volume is pretty low when running mp3s AND guitar signal at same time.

I'd like a good set that is comfortable and has good sound. I don't need some professional set, but I would like a good set. Preferably around the $100 budget, don't really wanna go higher when they won't be used outside of home. But I'd like them to be good for music listening too, not JUST guitar practice. I'd like to use them for music, guitar practice, and to mix when I'm putting together tracks at home. Again, it's not a professional studio recording setup, so I don't need crazy phones, just "worthy" ones lol.

So yeah, budget around $100 (less is always better, more $ to go towards other guitar gear lol), and music-wise I'm a punk rock/classic rock/hard rock listener, so I don't want ones that are real bass-y, but I still want some "punch". Also, would prefer ones that go full over the ear, not that rest on the ear, as in past experiences I've had I find that any use over about 45mins starts to make my ears sore. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro set. They're $99 on Amazon and have 4.5 of 5 stars average from over 1,000 reviews. But then reading reviews always makes you do the "second guess" game. Most people love em then you get the few that say they don't sound great, or "not good for rock music" and, though they seem to contradict 95% of the others, that is the one that sticks out. Does anyone have experience with these, or other similar price/quality range ones to recommend?
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I'm quite happy with my Shure SRH440s.
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I'm quite happy with my Shure SRH440s.

Sony 7506's are quite good, $100 from Sweetwater.
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Sennheiser HD280 Pros are good.
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Essentially, if it's a good brand (Shure, AKG, Senheiser, Sony, etc etc) and it's around $100, you'll be fine.
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Sennheiser HD280 Pros are good.

They're okay. I got the HD360's and definitely heard the difference. A lot less mud.
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I use mine for all manor of things, including playing my guitar and mixing..

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