Hello I am trying to build a double neck guitar, one bass and the other guitar, however I have done very little wiring. I have drawn up a schematic and need help knowing if it's going to work? (or blow up )

I didn't know what type of switch "Switch-A" is, so I just drew a little description. Switch-B is 3-way switch where it's connected either: left-center, left-center-right or center-right.

Switch-A is suppose to be a pickup selector for both the guitar neck and bass neck. Switch-B is suppose to be a neck selector (bass, guitar or both).

Sorry for my crude drawing.

Thank you!!
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You've gotta ground your unused lug to the back of your volume pots, and I'm pretty sure the tone knobs are supposed to bleed to ground.
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^that, it's pretty much the lug you don't solder a wire to.
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Ah ok, I see. It was just the term lug I was stuck on. Does it matter whether I put the the volume and tone potentiometers after the pickups in the circuit? Like so (it's modified from the original),

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