So the plan was to convert my strat into a halen replica. I installed a locking nut on the neck and was about to route the body out to fit a Floyd Rose trem sitting recessed into the body. I planned to do this thinking of the action. However after realising how stupidly difficult it could be, I've sort of backed away from doing it and considered either sitting the Floyd Rose flush to the body (and angle the neck to adjust action) OR just installing a stronger strat bridge. If I go down the floyd rose route, I'd have to cut up my stratchplate and drill two mounting holes which I don't mind doing but would rather not. Would a 6 screw bridge be okay for divebombs etc?
You could go for a Kahler if you want to do divebombs but not massive squeals so much. However if you want to do both, I'd recommend just going for the Floyd Rose type.
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It's something to consider. I wanted it to be a cheap build since I got it for free, if I was to get just a bog-standard strat bridge would it stay in tune with the locking nut or is it just worth getting a kahler?
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...Would a 6 screw bridge be okay for divebombs etc?

No. The regular Strat bridge doesn't have much range. You can dive a little, but not like a Floyd. And the strings will go out of tune. Best you can hope for if you have a great setup, lubed nut/saddles, and no defects in the saddles, is that it will go back in tune with a quick snap of the trem bar. As for the range, it won't get close to letting the strings go slack.

Floyd Roses are great (50% of my guitars have them), but it's better as an existing feature on a guitar than a mod.

Problem #1 with modding them:
- The headstock will be a lot more fragile due to the slot you cut for the locking nut

Problem #2:
- It's a huge PITA (pain in the ass) and it can be difficult to get the finish right around the routing

Problem #3:
- It'll be difficult to get your pick guard to look right when you mod it. Maybe you can find/get one made professionally that will accomodate what you want.

Problem #4:
- Neck angle

Problem #5:
- You don't mention what type of Strat, but you do say 6 point trem. Unlikely you'd do this with a Custom Shop guitar, an MIA Sig, or even a Highway 1/American Special. So you're probably talking MIM or maybe even a Squier Affinity/Bullet. If it's a Squier, then the body isn't thick enough for a Floyd Rose.

If I were you, I'd leave the Strat alone and keep it for alternate tunings, and get a mid-range Ibanez with a locking trem to see if you can adapt to the Floyd Rose. If yes, then maybe buy a Charvel or a build a Warmoth later for the project you're talking about.

As for the Kahler, some people like them, but I've had bad experiences with the design, and have never seen a good one in person. Be careful before you go that route (no pun intended )
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Just keep the vintage tremolo system, get a high mass block even What I've found works for me is loosening the screws that the bridge pivots on about 1.5mm except the outside ones (Effectively making it a 2-point system), have the bridge sitting about 3mm over the body at the end of the bridge (So sort of "diving" if you will), lubricate the nut with graphite, and lubricate the string trees with grease. Google "Strat setup guide" and you'll find that Fender have a really good guide to setting them up so they stay in tune. Even my stock Bullet Strat never fails me now

Eddie used the vintage tremolo system right up until 1984 if I'm not mistaken. Also, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix use their whammy bars quite heavily and get away with it
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The guitar is all stock.

Though that might make your bends go out of tune.

Here is another method that people said is better.

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I done mine with a normal strat bridge and it works just fine. P.S.you have to cut your pick guard anyway if you are going to do the frankenstrat.