I'm learning to play bass. I've had a couple of lessons from my son's guitar teach and been practicing scales, some basic tunes (ala 'first grade piano' lessons I had way back when), playing along with a metronome/keyboard set to play drums to a temp.

I"ve seen many online 'lesson's and things one can buy - are they any good? Will they help?
My work schedule is such that making weekly sessions can be a challenge and learning on my own is sorta what I"d prefer - I can get the occasional 'check in' with my son's teacher.

I can give links to what i've found but googling for reviews of them turns up nothing..not sure if that's bad or not.
i'm self taught, bar about 3 lessons focused on a bit of bass-y theory. the way i started off was just learning songs i felt like learning. the first song i learned completely was another one bites the dust by queen. i've since corrected my shoddy technique so if you can get pointers on that early on i'd imagine that would be a great help!
what sort of style of music are you into? check out the sticky at the top of the forum page which has a good list of songs to learn, of varying difficulties, in multiple genres.

my knowledge of online lessons consists thusly 'if you can pay for it, there will be a video showing very similar on youtube absolutely free'.
in hindsight, i wish i'd learned scales earlier on in my playing. i only really 'got into' them within the last year or 2 and my playing has improved dramatically since then - thats not to say i know all the scales, i can do major and just about stretch to minor i also wish i'd bothered to learn bass clef and the notes on the fretboard early. after nearing 4 years i'm still fumbling around with the former..
anyway, enough useless commas.
best of luck to you!
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