I recently bought an Ibanez Gio from a local shop. I thought it was brand new, but maybe it wasn't. When I connected it into my Peavey Vypyr 15W it acted like it wasn't plugged in at all. Is there any problem with the Vypyr or is it the guitar? The Vypyr works with my other guitar. So it seem more likely it is the guitar. My problem is I need to know how I can tell what's wrong. Whether the problem is in the pick-ups or the jack, or would it just be better to refund the Gio and buy another Ibanez. If it seems better to upgrade could anyone recommend a good Ibanez so this won't happen again?
Probably poor wiring, check your connections, make sure everything is soldered in properly.

Get a better guitar than the Gio. The Gio is the bottom of the Ibanez barrel for guitars imo. Except maybe the Mikros
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Id just get a different one.. you don't need to be trying to fix things on a new guitar if you bought it it thinking. It worked... why didn't you atleast plug it in before buying? Did you just randomly pick a guitar up and buy it without trying anything?
If you bought it from a local shop, get them to fix it for you. If they sold it as a working guitar, they're responsible for it.
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Take it back, get a better guitar. Shop used, you get a lot more guitar for the money.