Hey everybody. Ive been trying to figure out the outro to the old tv series "Tour of Duty". I loved the show as a kid and Ive recently got back into playing guitar. Ive got the lead part down but I cant for the life of me figure out the acoustic section. Ive tried figuring it out by ear and I'm completely stumped. It doesnt sound to difficult but man, I'm really struggling with it. If anybody could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it!!
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That song is called "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones, it's a classic song so there will surely be some good tabs on it on UG. Good luck, and great song!

BTW, Tour of Duty was an awesome show back in th day.
Thank you for the reply. Paint it black is an incredible song as was the tv show but the song that I'm referring to is the song that is played during the ending credits while it shows the soldiers walking with the sun setting in the background. It was composed by Joseph Conlan and I've searched all over for the tabs or any information on this song and come up empty. Andi Kravljaca did an amazing remake of this song and it's on Youtube.
wow, i had completely forgotten about that show. was my favorite growing up and would stay up late after A-team and get to watch. sorry, thats all irrelevant. I have no help for this, but looked up the YT and would like to see this tabbed out too.
I think you mean the ending theme song from the VHS/DVD Series which not Paint in Black but one from Joseph Conlan.
Were you you able to get this tab, I am also trying to figure it out myself.
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The chords I am hearing and playing to the Andi Kravljaca one are:

:00  :05 :07     :12 :14    :17 :19
Ab    Eb  Ab       Eb  Ab     Eb  Db

 :23     :28 :30  :35     :39 :41
Bbm     Ab  Eb    Fm     Eb   Db

:46   :49 :50   :53    :58
Eb     Ab   Db    Eb    Ab



:00  :05 :07     :12 :14    :17 :19
 G     D    G         D   G       D    C

 :23     :28 :30  :35     :39 :41
 Am      G    D    Em       D    C

:46   :49 :50   :53    :58
 D      G     C      D      G

Hope this helps some.... at least it may get you thinking
to some chords you may not have tried.... This is in
standard tuning the way I did it... Like I said it may help
and then again it may not.... But I tried.... I am used to songs with
singing and lyrics and not instrumentals.....
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Ayreon77 If you want to make a tab of this song see what you can come up with... And see if you agree with the chords I used as well please...
yea ok cool i will do the other guitar and do the chords and give you credit for the chords. see if I can sort some of the picking out too,
by the way Don what version did you use?