Hello all,

I ask if you could spare a few minutes to fill out a short 10 question survey for me. I am writing a paper for college on piracy and the effect the internet has had on the music industry. I would really appreciate your feedback as musicians.

Thank you in advance.

Link : http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LCPDBSX
Hahhh can't you fill it in for me...

I meant the form.....
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your survey was annoying bro
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Awful questions.
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Now, mind if I make a copy of that survey and use it for a paper I am writing for college?
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Done. The answer options were kind of confusing, though. I mean, 'slightly often' 'moderately often', why not just say stuff like often, rarely, never, sometimes, etc.?
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'slightly often'


I came in here to point out the same thing. Not gonna do this survey if they can't do grammar good.
Done. Good survey.

Only I might add is something at the bottom that allows people to say, "I use bandcamp" or "I use iTunes" or whatever. Basically, a text box that sort of explains how they purchase music and where, maybe even why.