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Hey guys!

Could you take 5 minutes just to fill in my survey for college work, it would be a massive help and all results no matter what they are will be appreciated!


Link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HQP7QPF
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It's because of his join date. Newbies can't post links
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It's because of his join date. Newbies can't post links

Yeah, they can hotlink though if he knows how.
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I like how age is a multiple choice. So that's why I voted for all of them.
And selected all the choices.
And voted yes for all the answers.
And wrote "All of them." and "Totally." for all the explanations.

I hope this helps.
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If you can't name any or don't care about image then everything past question 5 becomes void essentially. I was pretty general with all of those.
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