Hi everyone,
I’m a beginner in guitar and I've been playing guitar for a year now, I’m not a quick learner , So there isn't much I've learnt, I can play open position chords and bar chords
I can also shift between them cleanly, but my problem is when in a song there Is a quick change of chord in middle of the strumming pattern, I’m not able to do
that is the dead end for me for that song for example if there are 4 chords in a song let’s say
D G Bm A and strum is D—D-UU-DD-DU, and I have to change chords like this


I can play this cleanly with missing any chord or breaking the rhythm
But when I’ve to play something like this

D________Bm____A_______G_____D _____________G

Changing the chord in middle of the Strum I just can’t do it,

it’s been like 4 months now, I practice every day for 1 or 2 hour but I’m just stuck here sometime I just get so frustrated that I just want to quit playing,
I’m a self-taught guitarist there is no guitar teacher nearby my place so I can’t take classes Can you please tell me how can make those quick changes
is there some technique that I’m missing
Practice more.

Not being a dick, that's really all there is to it. - 4 months is nothing, you ARE going to struggle with a lot of things so early on.
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Practise. I know, but this is the only real answer.

It sounds like you need to work on two things in particular: keeping your strumming hand going in time no matter what, and changing chords quickly.

I suggest working on each hand separately until you can put them together. Work with a metronome to get your strumming consistent and continuous, and separately work on getting your chord changes as quick as you need then (also requires working to a metronome, just going from one chord to another over and over).

You can also try to look for "shortcuts" when moving between chords. I mean, what's the shortest route between the two chords? What's the least number of moves you can do it in?

As has been said, 4 months isn't that long to expect to be amazing at everything. I hope you get there, though! Good luck!
^ you're doing great if you can get a Bm sounding clear in 4 months. ^^

There's 3 main things to work on here. First, make sure you're using these shortcuts getting from chord to chord. These can help massively.


Secondly, guitarists often hit the open strings between chord changes, usually on the upstrum before the second chord. This gives you twice as much time to change chords. Listen to the first riffs in these tunes - can you hear the open string hits?



Finally, consider using easier versions of the chords. Often I teach my students to play Bm like this, low to high


(technically a Bm7 but don't worry too much about that!)

Which means you'll have the first finger in common with G and the middle finger in common with A using the chords from your examples. This makes these changes a LOT easier. Try it with "With or Without You" by U2.

D A Bm G

Obviously more practice helps a lot too, but dont kill your motivation for playing. Guitar is meant to be fun!
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^ you're doing great if you can get a Bm sounding clear in 4 months. ^^

Indeed, Bm Barre chord in 4 months is excellent.
Go back and forth between them chord changes, it will soon become second nature, use a metronome and gradually increase the tempo.