G'day lads. Pardon my post here as apposed to in the Electric Guitar forum; after years on these forums I've realized you skip a lot of rubbish by posting construction/fundamentals questions here due to the considerably heftier knowledge base.

I recently picked up an LTD H-1007, which is my first decent 7 after owning a few crappy low end 7s. Trouble: the low B side of the neck is more rigid (seemingly) than the high E side, such that however the truss is adjusted, the low B side is always flatter than the high E side.

Case in question: I've set it up now so that there's a little-bit-more-than-average concavity to the high E side, but at this tension the low B side is completely, totally flat. This is something of a compromise, and has lead to buzzing on most strings with the kind of action I like, which is fairly low.

On a 6 string guitar I would call the neck warped, move it, and get something else, but my question is whether or not it's common practice that production level guitars are some-how reinforced on the low B side to account for the extra tension? As is, is this neck in fact NOT warped, and that's just the way they're made? Seems more likely that I got a dud, since I've never, ever, ever had this much trouble setting up an LTD from the 400/1000 series. My experience with LTD's from the 400s (I think these are now 300s)/1000s has been exceptional up until now; they're always incredibly easy to set up, and the fret work is typically immaculate.

What's your take? Warped neck and move it, or is this trans-neck tension differential normal on even nice(r) 7s?
Some wider neck guitar have 2 adjustable truss rods instead of 1, (you'd know if that were the case though) and some have 1 adjustable truss rod in the centre and 1 non-adjustable steel or carbon fiber truss rod either side.

I can't say what LTDs have though
FWIW, I own an h1007 too. And yeah, it's got a little less bow on the bass side.
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