I had a question. What are the differences between the overall feel and sound between these two guitars. I already have the strat, but Im debating whether to get the Pj or if im better off go with a Lp...
In short: almost everything.

Try the Gretsch out if possible. I didn't look your guitars up, but they are most likely going to have a different neck shape and profile, different tones, and different weights.

What kind of music do you plan on playing/are currently playing?
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Well those 2 guitars are worlds apart. i guess you mean a MIA standard strat the 2009 mod has really bad pickups, not like the 2012 mod that has Custom shop pickups.
If you have a strat you could just upgrade it, if it isnt already upgraded.

The Gretsch is a really cool guitar, run it through a marshall plexi at full chat and you get a sound similar too the red sea when it parted. But it has ''Filtron'' pickups wich are diffrent to humbuckers.

I would buy the Gretsch, because its an awsome guitar.

Buy the Gretsch
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@desperatechris Thanks!