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Here is your bit of nowt

there you go

i acquired an a3 canvass
dno what to draw
u can use paint or photoshop an image on it or anything
or you can leave it blank and that's what i'll do on the canvass
and it'll be like a cryptic metaphor or something
ill paint/draw the coolest thing that someone posts

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Draw a robot Rambo battling a zombie dinosaur from mars.
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^he said cool

well white repels heat so a beatles record would be cool in that sense
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EDIT: you absolute ****
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lots of really smart stuff
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draw frida kahlo-rivera's unibrow making sweet love to karl marx's beard
you're a stone fox
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Here's a guy riding a dick:

Take that for whatever you may.
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Have anybody went on high lately?
v Smash dat mf