Hey I've got this EVH Wolfgang Special with the floyd rose tremolo set to be flush with the body. I recently changed the strings on it with some Ernie Ball 9 gauge strings a few months ago, and noticed that the strings on the guitar seem really stiff and hard to bend. and legato? Forget about it. Pretty tough. Is it just the strings? as in, the thickness or something? could it be the spring tension on the bridge? Thanks, any help at all would be Awesome.
Sounds like you need new strings. A few months ago isn't exactly recently.
You may just need new strings, but more than likely you might have to re-adjust the truss rod, depending on what gauge strings you had on before.
Are you sure you put 9's on? 9's should definitely not be stiff, like under any circumstances, unless you like coated them in glue or something. You must have put 11's or something on, because even 10's are easy to bend.

edit:^Shut up! Why do stupid people always come in and say its your truss rod? It almost never is! And even if it is, thats not one of those things you just mess around with. Adjusting your truss rod is not some magical fix for everything with your guitar.
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It could be action more than the strings themselves. I find 9-42s feel quite different on my LTD MH-1000 vs. my Strat.