So I'm a bit confused if my strats bridge is decked or not. And before making a fool of myself to the tech, I want to know. So I was planning on getting my bridge decked because I don't use the vibrato and so I may as well get the advantage of extra sustain and better tuning.

I'm just confused if my bridge is already decked - it looks like its flat on the guitar. There's three springs in the back. And I can already use the whammy bar in it, but only going down, and I have to push a little hard but it works.

This is what makes me think that the bridge isn't decked, but I'm just not sure.

I appreciate the help
I think most of us here call it blocking the trem.. open it up and look? Also the tuning isn't going to be better then a properly set up strat with a functioning trem. Sustain will probably be a little bit better but how long do you really need it to ring out?
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I prefer it as much as possible. Do you want me to post pictures? If so of what particular parts?
If you can push it down then it's not blocked. You can put more springs or a block of wood in there.

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So if I were to put all 5 springs down in there, what would I notice is different - anything in terms of action/intonation?
No. Once the bridge is already resting on the body of the guitar, it makes no difference whether it's three springs holding it there or five. Five springs simply makes sure there's no way it will ever move again, until you remove the springs; with three springs you can get it to lay flat on the body of the guitar, but the bridge may still move a little bit if you bend one of the wound strings.
Additionally, the more solid contact you have between the bridge and the body of the guitar, the less things will move and you'll get a bigger and clearer tone. If you know you'll never use the bridge again, it's a good idea to cut out a block of scrap wood or metal which can be fitted behind the bridge's block, so on one side of it you have five springs fully tightened and holding it in place and the other side taken up with some good, solid material. Make the fill block very slightly larger than the gap between the bridge block and the body so it's properly squeezed in there.

As far as action and intonation goes, as you move the bridge right back against the body you will find the action changes and you will need to move the saddles to get proper intonation again. This is not a problem and there are no restrictions on this, it's just a case of you moved one thing so now other things need to be moved back to where they were.
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Wow thanks for that, really helped!

So I'm not planning on blocking off the trem, just decking it with the springs. So right now I'm running three, if I were to make it 5, the strings won't feel like they have more tension (especially when bending?) So there's no difference in terms of what I feel once I've put 5 springs in?

Will this help with sustain as well?