After 20 years I finally get to buy me my first tube amp. I'm going with the Blackstar.I do not have a guitar shop close to test them out so I need some advice on which cab to get it with. Keep in my that this is only for bedroom use and I will never jam or gig with it. I tune to drop d and my style is intertwined between clutch and killswitch engaged. So Should I get the ht-5 which has a single 12' in its combo, I'm also considering the ht-1th limited edition with 2 10' speakers on this combo or should I get the ht-5 head with the 4 8' inch speakers cab? with the last one I mentioned I'm not sure with the 4 speakers if it would give me more of a full type sounds while sacrificing the bass. Just not sure how big of a part bass response would play at the bedroom levels. So what do you think?
Buy either of the Combo's, for bedroom playing there is no point in having a head/cab. I'd probably just stick with the single 12". I don't think bass response is an issue at bedroom
strictly for bedroom? yeah then it doesnt really matter. personally, i would rather have 2,10s. not only are 12s and 10 generally regarded best for guitar, but 2x10 cab is more suitable for live playing or jamming should you want to, probably handles more types of amps as well (most likely more power handling).

i wouldnt say a head / cab is bad for bedroom. a small head and a 1x12 cab can be used is almost any senario, i actually wished i had a good 1x12 sometimes opposed to my 2x12 (which i still love).

its also not about power. i went in thinking it was going to buy a 20ish watt amp cause i didnt want to much for bedroom playing, but enough for acasional gigs. most of the amps i played i DID NOT like at low volumes or did not suit my needs of features.

the best i could do at the time was my egnater tweaker 40, roughly 2x the power i thought i was gonna get. turns out i really like it for bedroom playing.

so yeah, 40 watts into a 2x12 is completely overkill for my thin walled apartment. but i still think its great.

....and your 1 watt can be just as loud. so really it doesnt matter. get an amp that suits and can sound good at low volumes, the knobs are easy to play with (smooth volume transition, not 0-10 jump)
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I'd go with the 5 watt head and the 1x12 cab. If that's over budget, I'd go with the 5 watt 1x12 combo. If you're using drop tunings, I'd go with the bigger speaker. Smaller the speakers sound thinner. 1 watt would come in handy at 3AM if you have a baby sleeping next to it but I wouldn't want to be so limited.

Bass frequencies are the first ones to muddy up when you turn up an amp. You're using a drop tuning so you like the bass end of things. You'll be turning up the 1 watter more than the 5 watter (muddier) and 8" speakers are almost tweeter-sized. There's a reason that 1x12 combos have pretty much been the lower-wattage standard for decades.

Also, when one doubles the amount of speakers, one gains another 3 db in efficiency-sensitivity. If you want tube breakup at lower volumes, that's a bad thing.

Later on, if you ever want to get into a speaker upgrade or swap, the selection of 12" speakers is huge compared to 10" ones. If you get the 4x8 and don't like your sound, I think you're gonna be stuck because 8" speaker options are very, very limited, almost non-existent.
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go with a single 12" combo. It's the most even sound, and will move less air than any of the other speaker combinations you mentioned, making it far more reasonable for playing in the bedroom. From my experience, they also have a much larger "Sweet spot", over 10s, so you should be able to sit, or stand in more parts of your playing space without having to adjust the amp. 10s seem to have a very directed sound, meaning you can only sit in a small area and hear the best sound of the amp.
you're aware the ht5 isn't all-tube, right?
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