I've found this guitar in ads for pretty cheap but there is no info about the guitar, all I know is that guitar has hidden pickups (beneath the pickguard) has "visible signs of use" (you can see them on pictures, nothing too bad). I was searching for a cheap guitar because i have one with a floyd rose and its a big drag to change tunings, this one caught my eye because you don't see a guitar with hidden pickups often.

p.s. I checked its not a fender Marauder or Stealth Esquire (i wish it was )
I think this is a "Melodia Menges" guitar a Slovenian guitar maker that was popular in Yugoslavia.

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you're quoting me from another forum?


I think you get more response on a more vintage oriented maybe European forum

I highly doubt anyone is familar with this kind of guitar.....

this guitar may be older than the average user here

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As you saw this isn't the first forum I posted on but no one could tell me anything. I will be able to try the guitar in few day and i'll see then if its worth anything.

p.s. You are probably right about the age of the guitar.